When did Jesus stop being enough?

When did Jesus stop being enough?

This question punched me in the gut recently. And as I grappled with the answer, I began to see that if I was being honest, for me it wasn’t linked to a single moment, but instead it was a gradual decline. A gradual slide that reared its ugly head one night when I found myself defending what my version of God’s best looked like. A gradual deviation from relying totally and completely on Jesus and His power, to relying on Jesus plus something else.

Was I alone?

I don’t think so.

In fact this type of thought seemed to prevail everywhere I went. His power appeared to be enough in theory, in conversation, and even in my favorite worship songs but when life happened, Jesus always seemed to suddenly be coupled with something else.

What do I mean?

I mean Jesus plus a mask equaled protection. Or Jesus plus a vaccine equaled the end to a pandemic. Or Jesus plus therapy equaled mental wholeness. Or Jesus plus education equaled success. Or Jesus plus a big savings account equaled financial success.

Am I saying any of these things in themselves are bad? No… But I’d argue that putting one’s faith in them is…Because when did Jesus stop being enough?

When did the Healer stop healing?

When did the Provider stop providing?

When did the Prince of Peace run out of peace?

When did Jesus start needing our help?

When did Jesus stop being enough?

The questions though they may appear rhetorical if we’re being honest sometimes we could identify an answer. Well the Prince of Peace ran out of peace when this happened to me or that happened… you fill in the blank. Or he stopped healing when I got that terrible diagnosis or had that awful pain… Or He needed my help because I didn’t see what He was doing…

But when did Jehovah Jireh change meaning?

And when did Jehovah Rapha no longer apply?

When did Jesus plus something begin to equal the answer?

When did Jesus plus something begin to be “the thing”?

Regardless of the answer, the truth of the matter remains



Have I figured out how to put these insanely simple formulas to practice everyday?

No, but I sure am asking the Holy Spirit to teach me.

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