It’s a little embarrassing how long it’s been since I’ve blogged 🤪 and if I’m being completely honest this blog post is partially motivated by the fact that my website renewed and I had to pay the yearly fee. 💯 And it was in paying that fee that I had to decide whether or not to continue to blog…And so here I am!!

Long time no see! 👋🏽

This idea that life doesn’t have to be that hard came to me sometime in 2018… And has kind of been like this faithful friend that has challenged me every single day.

Am I saying that life is easy?


Life isn’t all rainbows 🌈 and unicorns🦄 and sunshine ☀️, but it also isn’t all about the struggle and the hustle and the grind. Life doesn’t always have to be so hard.

I think sometimes we (myself included) can kind of get so used to the struggle that we come to just kind of expect it. And expectation is a funny thing…what you expect you often attract 🙃

So let’s reframe the struggle! Let’s reframe the grind! Let’s not pretend they don’t exist, but let’s not get so caught up in their existence that we forget to enjoy the life in between.

I may be working toward a new goal, but I’m going to enjoy my today!


Bc life doesn’t always have to be so hard. 💃🏾

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